Saturday, September 04, 2004


(from Patti’s Mom)
[Friday] … I put a package of Depends in Patti's closet this evening, she was running low.  We had a nice close game of Trivial Pursuit and then left to go home at 7:30.

(from her life long friend, Sharon)
Hi, Patrick, does Patti have any plans or anyone else visiting on Saturday?  If not, I'd like to visit and bring her either lunch or dinner, paint her nails, etc. 

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  1. Hi Patti,
       I hope you are feeling well today.John and I plan to get up to see you some day this week.  Should we bring you ice cream from Dairy Queen?  I talked to your mother yesterday and they were planning to come up this week; we might just come along with them.  I have been following your journal every day and I enjoy so much hearing what is going on with you.  You looked so good when I last saw you at your mother's house two weeks ago, or was it three; time does fly by as we get older.  Please know that we love you and keep you in our prayers always.
      Love to you and yours,
      Jean and John


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