Thursday, September 02, 2004

benchmarks in ‘living with MS’

Monday was the FIRST day of school! More significantly the first day of school that I ever rode in the passenger seat while our daughter drove with her learner’s permit. (7 more weeks and she can take her test for a driver’s license).

A ‘First day of school’ that Patti failed to attend through all the years of struggling with MS. Frankly it was the least hectic 'first day' morning in years because Patti was safely asleep at her care facility.

MS related problems such as falls, mental confusion, and bowel and bladder accidents have increasingly complicated “first days” of school over the years.

Pluses and minuses aside it was still one of those poignant benchmarks in ‘living with MS’.

While on the topic of school and as today is Sept 2 ...
                “I touch the future. I teach"
              Christa McAuliffe, US teacher (1948-1986) born on Sep 2
                         She was the first teacher in space; 
          died in explosion of space shuttle Challenger, 28 Jan 1986

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