Thursday, September 09, 2004

Cards & Letters Part II

Picture from Hometown

Patti’s strength is returning from the “flare” over the weekend that necessitated temporary use of a transfer sling. She is somewhat able to assist in her own transfers again.


Between return to a full week of school for Megan and return to an increasing work schedule for me visiting time has been challenged this week.


In the past it would have been "attended" home caregiving time that would have been seriously challenged. Now Patti is safe, in the past she would have been 'at risk' in our absence. Transition still feels out of sync no matter how much sense it makes.  


  1. Transition still feels out of sync no matter how much sense it makes.  

    Do you have any idea just how beautiful and bittersweet this line is????  How well it fits into most people's lives???

    Well said.  Very well said.

  2. Thank you, your comment was most kind! ... "bittersweet" indeed captures much of the times of 'living with MS'.

    Spouse/caregivingly yours, Patrick


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