Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Caregiving Formula ?

Physical strength and size of the caregiver in relationship to the weight/size and level of disability is a significant factor.


Tuesday the care facility asked me if I could buy some oversized clothing for Patti. They explained oversized clothing is easier to switch someone in and out of, especially pants when incontinence necessitates frequent changing. Because it was not a problem for me, I never gave it much thought how much a problem it could be for others. The institutional alternative would be ‘hospital gown’ type attire which anyone would want to avoid. There are after all fashion minimums <grin>


I had picked Patti up for an afternoon/evening at home anyway and dinner on our patio. While Megan played caregiver, I ran out and picked up a couple larger sized stretch waist pants. It was the kind of magnificent Fall day where nothing could be a problem.


In any situation what the caregiver is capable of and what the person needing care needs is basically a formula that will yield a different result for every person’s unique situation. I fell into a trap of tunnel vision. Fortunately, where there is communication there is usually solutions.

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  1. The picture of you and Patti on the patio is really nice. Thanks for supplying so many nice pictures, I just love that touch. Maybe someday I will learn how to do the same.


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