Sunday, September 12, 2004



On the flip side of 9/11 reflections is the gratitude for what we do have. 9/11/04 Patti is first and foremost 'safe' with 24 hour a day attended care.


Between work and travel I have not had many immediate windows of opportunity to visit. Last night (Saturday) I was able to drop by. 


Patti was already in bed at 7:30 PM on a Saturday evening. Now to Patti that is a GOOD THING. MS fatigue can make her rather cranky otherwise.


I had some Fall door decorations to drop off. We were always MAJOR Halloween decorators at home, often beginning in early September. It only seemed fair to have Patti’s room get a jump on any other resident’s. 


Plus a staff member from the facility had called earlier and left a message with our daughter that Patti needed "Depends". Odd in that they do provide a generic. When I called to follow up, no one could understand why such a call or request would have been made??


Institutional care, I'm learning, can have it's "black hole" moments. (as can homecare) At least with sooo many people involved, it tends to err in over care.


Patti was amused and even briefly recalled the earlier years when our house was known in the neighborhood as the “Halloween House”! Then she only wanted to go to sleep.


Saturday nights just ain’t what they used to be! <grin>

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