Sunday, September 05, 2004

Labor Day

It was a family filled Labor Day today for Patti. Megan and I picked her up around Noon and returned her around  9 PM after a day spent visiting with her parents, brothers, and their families.


Sadly it was marred with a bowel accident. Patti’s strength (even after a nap)  is in such a weak lull that she was unable to transfer, fell, and required four of us to complete getting her off the floor, showered, and dressed.


It was also some what disconcerting to discover a ‘transfer sling’ now part of her wardrobe. Though I certainly can understand it after our struggles today it is a new level of progression. I say ‘part of her wardrobe’ in that they leave it on the seat of her chair and she sleeps on it. Staff simply attaches sling to lift and can move Patti mechanically in and out of chair or bed.


More than ever I am grateful she is safely where she can have the professional help and equipment.

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