Friday, September 03, 2004

never have too much Dairy Queen

Megan and I stopped by Thursday evening with a Dairy Queen milk shake to visit Patti. We keep a big wall calendar in her room for guests to write on and discovered her Aunt and Cousin had taken her out earlier in the afternoon to Dairy Queen for a banana spilt! Ah well, I guess you can never have too much Dairy Queen. <grin>

I brought home a stack of Patti’s cards of well wishes from friends and family intending to write thank you cards. However why not also share the cards on line? It’s easy with our digital camera. An experiment in crossing between the cyberspace world and the real dimensional world.

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  1. You commented in my journal about the home health nurse being an adequate adocate.  She was here yesterday (Thursday) and said she would call the doctor's office (which she did while in our home) she asked the nurse to have someone sign the request, and today about noon we received a call from the company that would provide a air mattress for my husband's hospital bed.  He said he would be in our home with the mattress about 2:30 this afternoon.  Someone knows which cages to rattle!  Thank goodness--and yes I am pleased with her aid and


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