Thursday, September 23, 2004

time is only relevant

AVAILABLE TIME is perhaps the most important of caregiver strengths. Even after admittance to a care facility the support time has not really let up, at least not within the first 5 months.


Continuing the clothing anecdote, I stopped by last night only to find the newly requested pants unused and buried under extra bed linen on her chair. Hours of my time have gone to what so far has been an exercise in futility but ‘requested’ by her care facility. The wheels of institutional bureaucracy and individual caregiving turn at much different speeds.


Patti, on the other hand, was happily watching "My Fair Lady" on the mega screen TV with other residents for 'movie night'.

When a person can no longer care for himself or herself time is only relevant to those who can offer it.

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  1. I hope that this is just a  mistake on the part of your insurance company. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE.


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