Thursday, September 23, 2004

Retroactive Hell ??

This morning I was greeted by learning from our health insurance that BOOM ...


“…there was a retroactive cancellation date of 1/1/2001 placed on Patti's coverage on 7/27/04 by her group and that all of her claims will be denied and they will be requesting refunds for what they have already paid …”


Refunds of 3 years and 9 months of back medical bills??? Catastrophic would be an understatement.


MS has affected Patti’s ability to comprehend or handle financial matters for quite awhile. Necessity dumps that all into caregiving.


Hours on the phone back tracking this decision have only produced more questions and will require hours if not another day or more of anxiety to get answers. (With the weekend looming, offices ,of course not under any personal anxiety, might take longer.) Of course, no one can figure out how or why. We have never been notified of any problems, concerns, or changes. Just suddenly BOOM!  -- Needless to say in the meantime NO medical insurance.


Time on the phone, even more time waiting on the phone, hours of digging through medical records back nearly 4 years, quickly becomes a day. Caregiving is about AVAILABLE TIME whether you have it or not.   


Even retroactive nightmares can erupt out of nowhere on a beautiful Fall morning. You try to remain as positive as you can, but it can get suffocating. This IS "living with MS". 


  1. Oh my!!!   This sounds like a nightmare and not the truth.  Tell me it is not the truth!!!!

    I will keep you and yours in my prayers tonight.

  2. There are no words to voice the outrage!  Go get them!!

  3. Hi Patrick and All,
         Just wanted you to know that John and I had a pleasant visit with Patti today.  She was in good spirits and recognized my voice half way down the hall.  We went outside and sat on the patio for a while, but Patti and I both minded the heat so we went back in and visited in her room.  I could not find aprons so I will be making some more tomorrow or Monday.  Is there anything else we could do for her?  I think she had a new outfit on; it was a very nice comfortable material.  I almost wanted to wear it myself.  Give her our love till we get up again.  
         Love to you and yours,
         Jean and John


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