Monday, September 06, 2004

a day in the life

Just a glimpse at a “day in the life” from recent page in visitor’s in room journal. Patti’s memory is of little help so much like facility staff we use journals such as this 'on line' or 'in room' for family and friends to communicate to each other.


Such communication helps us all since Patti cannot remember what she may have eaten, when she ate, what she did, where she went, who visited, etc.


MS is a thief! Friends and family (as I have mentioned before) have to think and work outside the box to keep involved and up to date.


Pictures of daily activity calendar pages gives you a glimpse of what the facility offers in lieu of visits from family and friends.


  1. Hi Patrick,
       We had such a nice visit with Patti this afternoon; Gloria and Harold were kind enough to pick us up and take us along.  Patti looked great with that big smile when she heard our voices.  We sat out on the front patio and enjoyed conversation, as well as picking on Harold; that is our favorite hobby.  She really laughed a lot when we did that.  Forest Park is not the place where my aunt stayed; she was in Thornwald near Thornwald park; in fact we could see the home from Patti's room.  My error in thinking it was the same place.

  2. I wasn't finished and evidently hit the wrong key.  Patrick, you and Megan chose a lovely place for Patti; she indicated that people there treat her nicely.  She said,"I am spoiled here and I love it"  GOOD JOB, fAMILY.  I thoroughly enjoyed our visit and know that I will return more frequently.  I hope you all had a nice Labor Day weekend.
    Love to all,
    Jean and John
    By the way, Sharon, Patti's nails look nice; I love the loud color.


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